What is it?

The BarrowVac™ is among the most useful and most sought after accessories in the Ground-Hog™ line. As another "first" from Excavac, it's patented technology provides the advantages of a portable or auxillary collection vessel. This allows the operator to perform vacuum excavations and backfilling in remote areas and sites the are inaccessible to a truck. This is very useful for excavating in basements of buildings. Auxillary uses include pulling materials into separate or larger vessels by utilizing a separate vacuum source.

How does it work?

The BarrowVac™ unit is connected to the main vacuum system, then taken up to 300 feet from the main system to perform the excavation. Because it can go anywhere a wheelbarrow can, vacuum excavation is now possible in virtually any situation that is inaccessible by truck. It can be filled and emptied in a matter of minutes, allowing the operator to conveniently and selectively dump the excavated material in close proximity to the excavation site, or simply transport it elsewhere by wheelbarrow.

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