The HT-480C is the industry's premier vacuum excavator. This full featured, completely self-contained vacuum excavator was developed to compliment a utility's distribution maintenance fleet or be a major workhorse for utility contractors. An emphasis on a powerful ``dedicated" 80 Hp vacuum system matched to our patented filter design is complimented by a full 185 CFM under-deck air compressor with both straight and conditioned air ports. These units are also equipped with a PTO driven 100 gallon high pressure water system for truck or job site clean-up or occasional digging assist.

The 4 cubic yard dump hopper is hydraulically operated, features an exclusive baffled ceiling plenum and incorporates our quick-acting vacuum break. The full-opening rear door allows material to easily flow out as well as offering unrestricted access to the tank for clean-out purposes. Ample storage areas are provided above deck, under deck and across deck to provide protection for pneumatic tools, extension tools and traffic control devices. The remote "vacuum-break" enables operators to clear clogs easily without having to leave the excavation site.

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