Most of the HT-280C packages are heavily modified versions of our premier HT-480C series. Modifications such as the 800 gallon high pressure water system on the HT-280CW make it an ideal multi-purpose machine for the directional drilling contractor. CNG tanks storage areas have be added to units that were built as totally dual fuel (gasoline/CNG) packages. Other modifications have included custom lighting systems and powerful under-deck generator systems to facilitate power for working with plastic pipe.

Our patented filter system and 80 Hp vacuum system are combined with a 2+ cubic yard dump tank. (Hence the 280 designation) This system will handle most pot-hole or small excavation requirements.

A must have for serious directional drilling contractors.

The 280CW is designed to support a directional drilling rig with vacuum pothole capability, bentonite clean-up capability up to 500 gallons, as well as supplying up to 800 gallons of make-up water for the drill rig. A high pressure water wash system is included. all on a chassis that is suitable for towing a trailer mounted drill-rig. Other standard features include a 2-cubic yard dump tank with full end opening rear door, our premium 80 Hp PD vacuum syste, a 185 CFM under deck air compressor and our exclusive remote "vacuum-break."

A must have for serious directional drilling contractors.

HT 280 with the dual fuel package.

Let us design a HT 280 system to suit your needs.

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