The Ground-Hog HT Series

Designed for more demanding applications, these models provide optimum performance utilizing the Ground-Hog patented filtration system configured with a horizontal dump hopper and a complete range of custom options.

The HT-180C

As one of the newest additions to the Ground-Hog fleet, Model HT-180C features a heavy duty vacuum system adapted to a smaller, more maneuverable chassis. The patented filter system allows this design to out perform many larger excavator packages. This under-deck compressor, used to power air tools for the reduction phase, can be fitted to both standard or automatic transmissions. The 1 cubic yard dump hopper is more than adequate for the removal phase of most small excavations. The HT-180C is the ideal choice for doing "utility locates" -thus, its nickname "The Locator."

HT 180 on a GM chassis

The HT-180C, the smallest of the high performance 80 Hp units, is rapidly becoming one of our most popular systems. The HT-180C is the virtual "hot rod" of the industry. Incorporating big truck features like our patented filter system and a true dedicated 80 Hp vacuum system onto one of the new GM HD or Ford Super Duty chassis, we have a package that performs like a big truck with the ability to scoot around in congested urban areas. No one else has been able to duplicate its performance on this size chassis.

Enclosed HT 180 in a box truck. The industries first collection/dump system adapted to atotally enclosed van package.

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