The Ground-Hog™ Vacuum Excavation System was designed to fill the niche between hand-digging and backhoe operations when servicing buried utilities. These systems expose these utilities with a degree of safety and precision far beyond that of conventional methods now in use. In addition, these procedures are often done faster and safer than conventional methods. This is clearly a technology whose time has come. GROUND-HOG ™ excavators have proven themselves in a wide variety of applications.

Consider Ground-Hog. No other system provides the speed, safety and effiencies of Ground-Hog vacuum Excavation. The proprietary Ground-Hog system exposes utility service lines with a degree of safety and precision far beyond that of conventional backhoe-pick-and-shovel methods. It is typically faster, giving you speed and safety with increased efficiency, what could be better. Using standard tools and extension tools to complement these systems they are easily adapted to an existing fleet.

Ground-Hog applacations:
  • Underground utility location and verification including gas,water, electric and sewage lines.
  • Fiberoptic, telephone and television cable can be included as well.
  • Repairs to underground electrical, tele-communications and data transmission and distribution cables.
  • Cleaning above and below ground transformer vaults.
  • Termination, installation and renewals of gas or water service lines.
  • Curb box adjustments, cleaning and change out.
  • Bell type keyhole excavation.
  • Gas line distribution renewal and insertion procedures.
  • Gas main repair of cast iron bell joints and fittings.
  • Cathodic Protection for new installations and testing and renewals of previously installed anodes.

Ground-Hog Vacuum Excavation Benefits:
  • Minimum pavement removal
  • Minimum environmental impact
  • Minimum traffic disruption
  • Minimum time and labor
  • Minimum costs

The ExcaVac Corporation has engineered the Ground-Hog Vacuum Excavation System to provide the most reliable method of underground utility line service and spot maintenance.

Ground-Hog™ vacuum excavation affords access to underground utilities through openings as small as 12 x 12 inch openings with working depths of up to 20 feet or more. With such a small opening in either pavement or earth, surface disturbance is kept to a minimum. Traffic tie-ups and pedestrian inconveince are drastically reduced.

When the line work is done, backfilling is a breeze. The collected soil is simply discharged from the collection hopper, shoveled into a hole, and tamped to compaction. A small asphalt cold patch or sod replacement is usually all that is necessary to complete the job and leave the surface just as you found it. Restoration costs are greatly reduced by using this small hole technology.

Sooner or later, you will need a vacuum excavator!

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