Who is Excavac?

Excavac Corporation is a leading manufacturer of quality vacuum excavation equipment. The rugged straight-forward application of vacuum and mass flow principles is based on nearly thirty years experience in the industrial vacuum field. As a result, Excavac c an tell you why their systems work, not just how. In addition to pioneering numerous innovations, Excavac has the only patented filtration system in the business.

To help identify the ``niche" that vacuum excavators fill, Excavac Corp. leads the industry in educational seminars and on-site developmental programs. Phrases coined to convey niche concepts include: "excavation's answer to arthroscopic surgery", "practical working length of a vacuum hose", and "the 2-R's; the reduction phase and the removal phase" to emphasize the two steps of the procedure. teaching these concepts along with application experience goes a long way towards understanding how and where these systems work best.

By offering a range of engineered systems, one can decide which package best suits his particular needs. Some applications might require the fully equipped Ground-Hog™ system, while others would need just the vacuum only features of a basic Li'l Ground-Hog™ skid unit. No other manufacturer offers the range of equipment that Excavac does.

Under the trademark name Ground-Hog™, the company produces a variety of vacuum excavation systems for virtually every vacuum excavation need. Excavac systems safely and accurately locate and verify underground utility locations; clean curb boxes and valve boxes; are ideal for small hole excavations that permit underground line repair, termination, and installation and renewals of cathodic protection. In addition, these systems can also quickly and easily clean up directional drilling spoils.

Users of the Excavac systems have become believers. They appreciate benefits such as minimized traffic disruption (important on congested urban job sites), minimized pavement or sod removal (which benefits the environment and reduces costs), and minimized time and labor to complete the job (which further reduces costs)

Why Go Ground Hog?

Ground-Hog™, systems are custom crafted using only superior quality components. The result is that each systems is engineered to provide maximum dependability, safety and ease of operation, for years of trouble-free performance. The bottom line is that superior components and engineering make the Ground-Hog™ a superior system.

Excavac designs it's systems to be application specific, based upon the following logic-why use a sledge hammer when a tack hammer will do the job? In fact, Excavac's Ground-Hog™ systems can be specifically configured to fit the custom needs of your particular application.

Excavac pioneered the LI'l Ground-Hog™ concept-a compact system that can be skid-mounted for transport in a standard pick-up truck bed, or trailer-mounted for towing to the job site. Either way, the system allows ultimate mobility and maneuverability, and it is the perfect system for curb box and valve box cleaning as well as light-duty spoils clean-up. It is also suited for the occasional 'pot-holeing' application.

While the LI'l Ground-Hog™ concept has been widely imitated. Excavac's combination of heavy duty construction and engineering make the LI'l Groung-Hog™ the system of choice. The standard configuration includes a 37 cubic ft. capacity horizontal full-end-opening dump hopper with hinged end, electro-hydraulic tank dump, and a 4" inlet port.

If you are planning to install or add to a vacuum excavation fleet, you owe it to yourself to check out the most efficient vacuum systems in the country. Call Excavac today to find out how we can consistently out-perform the competition.

EXCAVAC Corporation
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